"Invisible Indians:
Native Americans in Pennsylvania"
by David Minderhout and Andrea Frantz

Invisible Indians by Dr. Minderhout

This book is based on research conducted by the authors since 2004 with Native Americans living in Pennsylvania today. The book can be summed up by this exchange: We asked the former chief of a Lenape organization what he would most like to say to the people of Pennsylvania. He replied, "We are still here."

The book is intended to bring a greater awareness of the people of Native American descent who live in the state, but who are not generally recognized for their ethnic heritage. The book is divided into several chapters which are intended to do the following:

  1. To provide a brief history of the native people of Pennsylvania from the time of first contact with Europeans in the 17th century until today;
  2. To provide an overview of the social lives of Native Americans in Pennsylvania at contact;
  3. To explore and debunk myths and stereotypes about Native Americans both in Pennsylvania and nationally;
  4. To examine the issues of personal identity for people claiming native descent in the state: What does it mean to be a Native American?
  5. To look at issues of native religion and spirituality;
  6. To discuss the issues that most concern Native Americans in Pennsylvania today, such as the effort to obtain state recognition;
  7. To introduce some of the many native organizations within the state.

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